Apr. 13th, 2008 08:14 am
 So I didn't update yesterday as we spent most of the day in the ICU hanging out with dad.  He has improved dramatically, and the rumor through the ICU nurses I talked to yesterday was that he would more than likely get to come home today.  We'll see when we head in in 30 minutes.  Mom's taking all his clothes, but is also taking a change of sweatpants and a new t-shirt.  He's bored out of his mind, but honestly he's not doing anything he doesn't normally do at home (sitting and watching TV)..I think its just because the hospital only has basic cable, and he misses Dixie (his dog). And he and mom's 35th anniversary is tomorrow and I don't think he wants to be in the hospital for that- can't really blame him.

I'm heading home today.. I need to see my kitties, change my clothes, take a bubble bath, and just let myself be for a little bit.  Some of you know what its like to have to be strong and stuff, and I haven't had a chance to deal with everything in my head yet- I'm still trying to stay on top of all the family calls, all the smiling to keep dad in good spirits, etc.  I had an anxiety attack around 5 this morning, so I know the big doozy of a fit is coming, but I'm figuring it'll hold off until I'm home this evening. Kat's coming home from WVU to see dad- she couldn't before because she had a recital.  Dad and mom were supposed to go, and I think that dissapoints Dad more about this whole thing than actually being that close to having serious problems.  During the catheterization procedure, they kept him talking, and apparently he asked his doc what the chances were of him getting out that day to go to Morgantown to see Kate- and his doc said "on a scale of 1 to tough shit, its about a 9 1/2."  I like that line- I think I'm going to use it.

It amazes me the advances in medical technology- dad only has a little silver dollar bruise near his groin (mom told me- I didn't see), and that's relatively it.  No open heart surgery or anything.  They took a teeny tiny camera and put it into the femoral artery with the stent, and could see the blockages and using teeny tiny wires attached to te stents, they could maneuver the stents into place.  Dad said he didn't even feel anything but the pinch of his leg when they punctured hte artery to put the wires and stents in.

Thanks to everyone who's offered well wishes, hugs, phone calls, and to 4 great people- <lj user="theimp79">, her hubby Bulsi, <lj user="asa101">,  and <lj user="znova"> . Imp, Bulsi, and ASA took me out for dinner and bumming around downtown Frederick last night, and were my designated drivers.  Znova was amazing by taking care of my kitties and feesh and I totally owe her dinner for that.

I think in the coming weeks I'm probably going to be reaching out a little more than I have been to people.  This has made me think a lot, and as Myron says to me "What did we tell you about thinkin!" 

Again thanks, and hopefully this will be the last update I have to make on dad.

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