So being as I haven't updated in awhile, I figured I would share something that I have been doing that is awesome. Last weekend, along with a bunch of other friends including [ profile] the_mishka, [ profile] jaegerbeast, and B, I took my first major motorcycle trip to Gettysburg. One of the forums I frequent for my motorcycle took their yearly trip there, and for months I had been barraged to come too. So I did.

What an incredible time. We took back roads (mainly because of the wind and wanting a little more challenge than up a highway at high speeds), and it was gorgeous. We traveled a bunch of roads that go past my parents place, and up into the Catoctin mountains, to Thurmont, and then we took the highway to Gettysburg from there. But it was the right balance of challenge and ease for me, and I feel more comfortable now on my bike than I have to date. And she did fantastically.

In Gettysburg, we traversed the battlefield (at a whopping 1/2 a mile an hour because of traffic!), and found this great little Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Gettysburg (which I swear has the worst traffic circle EVER), and then we of course returned to our fantasticly seedy hotel which included a Bar and a 24 Hour diner for unlimited Breakfasts. We spent a lot of time hanging out as a group, getting to know one another (there were about 20 bikes and 4 or 5 scooters that came), drinking beer and eating "Breakfast"

Sunday morning we all saddled up and headed back our separate ways, and I had my first 2 cloverleaf experiences (they aren't as bad as I thought they would be), and my first major freak out moment on my bike when I lost the back end temporarily- the front was slowing faster than the engine was and she didn't really like that much, which made me kinda lose my nerve for the curvy road (which I still ended up doing but stopped at the end of because I needed to take 5 and breathe.) But once I took a few moments to recenter, we got back on the road and the even more scary road (in my opinion), was soo much easier. We got home and promptly fell asleep. But damn if it doesn't make me want to do longer rides now. I found that thermal base layers are very good for not only keeping you warm, but also keeping your tush comfy on the motorcycle seat if it isn't that ideal comfy Corbin seat we all pine for (except for some of us *cough cough B cough cough*), and I learned to relax a little more on my bike. However, I've also come to the realization that probably next season I'll be looking at upgrading to a larger cc bike. But I'm definately sticking with a cruiser. And Twilight is still the best bike ever.

Pictures of the trip from my camera can be found:

And from one of my copatriots (in which you can see me riding my bike (just the back of the bike and my ponytail but still!):

And yes, riding truly is love.

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