Meme about childhood, 'cause I'm bored...

1. What was your favorite toy as a child (<10 years old)?
My "Vesta" Doll.  My mom's coworker made a doll that looked like my Aunt Vesta, and I dragged it around everywhere with me. That and my dad's drawing board.  He used to bring home plotter paper and sit me in thechair and let mecolor on it for hours.

2. If this toy had a name, what was it?

3. Do you still have this toy?
Yup, she's in my cradle in my living room.

4. What was your "security blanket" as a child?
An acrylic blankie with the soft fringe.  To this day I need fringe to sleep.

5. If it had a name, what was it?

6. Do you still have this "security blanket?"
In a form, I still have a fringie blankie I sleep with.

7. Describe a wonderful playing moment or scene from your childhood.
OOh.. I had several..
I remember my mom had a card table that I put in my room for some reason, then I covered it with some sheets, and I lived in my little "fort."  I actually slept in this fort for about a month instead of sleeping in my bed.  A few years later I did the same thing in my closet.

I'm fortunate because I remember a lot of my childhood. I remember a lot of sensations, a lot of smells and tastes.  This is such a good thing for me...Though maybe I should start writing them all down for when I later forget them all...

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