We had amazing food. We had almost 200 people (or more on estimate). We had a metric butt ton of amazing food. We had an engagement proprosal ([livejournal.com profile] petemosq proposed to his [livejournal.com profile] fluxinflutter and she said YES! Congratz to them!). We had a wonderful burlesque dancer [livejournal.com profile] jessicamelusine- Thank you again, you were fabulous! The casino was a success, and the Music!!..Ohhh the music was amazing! [livejournal.com profile] dedmaus- thank you !!!!! Love you !!! The Decorations were gorgeous. We made a really nice birthday announcement, AAAND......
For the first time in almost 12 years, I didn't cry at midnight.

The night went so well, and with only one minor issue, and a small wardrobe malfunction. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event so wonderful, and thanks to everyone who attended.

And now- Onto 2007!
Calling all Mobsters and Molls, Janes and Dicks (public and private!),
Still not sure if you're going to join us in the Speakeasy (even though you know it's going to be the berries!) Get online and order your tickets today and save yourself some dough for the Gin Mill!

We've got a Burlesque Dancer, great food, and of course, bootleg gin and Clipper City beer at the cash bar. We'll also have a casino, swing dancing, and more!

Tickets are 60/ per person, 100/ per couple!

December 17th, Prices go up, and you don't want to be castin' a kitten at the door price!

Hope to see you all whispering the Passphrase at the door on New Years Eve!

Tickets Available online at Frantix (www.frantix.net), at Chained Desires in Baltimore, and at the Crucible. Members discount only available at the Crucible.

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That [livejournal.com profile] stori_lundi seems to be dying in anticipation for......*drumroll*

I am organizing the New Years Eve event at the Crucible.  So Mark your calendars now for NYE: The Speakeasy on Half Street!  That's Right- we're putting brown paper over the door, you need to know the passphrase, and all you guys need to get your dolls and come out so ring in 2007 goin on 1925.  The Roaring twenties will be in full swing inside our doors, but don't let that fool ya- we'll still have our usual play, our "spankdown at midnight" But much much more: a burlesque dancer, some arial acrobatics, food, and a champagne toast.

So mark your calendars and start your research for your gowns/suits/etc.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone at New Years Eve!  Registration will open soon, and if you'd like to volunteer- comment or email me please- we do have some volunteer opportunities that will help you get in for a reduced rate/free (dependant on hours done).

See you all swingin at the Speakeasy!

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