Some of this note I posted 5 years ago, but as it is part of the historical record, it still holds true.
musings on 9-11 )

To steal a paragraph from a friend of mine 'I imagine most people will find me naive and irreverent. But, that's me. I want more good memories for September 11th. "Never forget," yes. But don't let it leave a bad taste in our collective mouths. I want to move on. I want to brush off the dust and say, "Ok. It's a beautiful day! Let's do some good today. Let's have some fun."'
So while driving into my client site today, I drove past Sully Plantation, a small museum run by Fairfax County parks and recreation. Now I know about this museum, mainly because of Ships Company, and because a friend is the Events Coordinator for them. However, it got me thinking. How many people drive by that place every day and never even think about stopping in to look at it? You always see signs for tours being available, and there's almost always events going on there. But how many people actually know about that place?

The same thing goes for Cabell's Mill which is also in Fairfax County. I didn't know about it until I took a shortcut home one night a few years ago, and saw it on the road. Its really a gorgeous Mill.

So I've decided that starting after the new year, I'm going to find little hole in the wall museums, and write articles about them. If they're any good, I may send them to newspapers, just to get the word out and help to promote these locations of history. I think we should support these sites before they all get torn down and turned into housing developments.

Anyone have any ideas for some good museums to work with? I know of Sully Plantation, Cabell's Mill, the Shifferstadt in Frederick, the Barbara Fritchie house in Frederick, Riversdale Mansion, and Darnall's chance.

They can be from any period, but should probably be within an hour's drive of DC/Baltimore.

And of course, if anyone would like to go with me on these jaunts to visit these museums, please let me know.

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