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september 11, 1814 )

During the same time, hundreds of miles away in a major coastal city called Baltimore, Francis Scott Key was bargaining for the release of a captured friend. He successfully negotiated the release, but was held aboard the ship he was discussing the terms of release on because he had been in earshot of the British plan to attack Fort McHenry and then Baltimore.  While on board this ship, he scrawled a poem onto a piece of paper, which we now, as Americans, join together in singing: "The Star Spangled Banner," our National Anthem.

A lot of people are remembering where they were that day 5 years ago.  I took a moment this morning as I was driving into work for remembering that day- the fear and the events that happend around that, but I also look at another period in our history, and how while we should remember and never forget the events of September 11, 2001, we should also remember September 11, 1814. While it may seem insignificant to many, this was another period in our history when we could have lost much, but we gained even more when all was said and done.

So I'll take a moment of silence for those lost, and for what I lost on Sept 11, 2001, but I'll also look at what I, as an American, gained in the war of 1812-15.

Maybe I'm just becoming more and more of a history geek.

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