I have cut the answers to these questions, so that way if you do not want to read you don't have to. However, I will note that because of the forward nature of one of the questions, I have been forward as well. A new side to me that hasn't been seen by many I figure. And so, without further ado....

Question 1:What if I don't have any questions, but just want to wish you a happy¬†day? )
Question 2:Does anyone in the group want to buy my tent, do you know? )

Question 3:When are we going to get together to ¬†finally meet? )

Question 4:How did you meet your scene Mommy and Daddy? )

Question 5:Sorry if this is direct, but what did I do that made you dislike me? (please note I'm going to be fairly blunt about this one, because they asked, which is a side of Mea most don't see) )

Again, feel free to ask any questions, and I'll answer them through the 29th of March ( the 30th&31st I'll be at Reenactment.)
So in keeping with my resolutions, I'm trying to plan my trips to visit people, places, and things. So that is why I've created a Poll to get your guys input.

A poll! A poll!! )

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